Monday, November 24, 2014

I Guess Owl Pattern Mix

Here's what I wore today...

It's a pattern mix!  Both the shirt and skirt were found at Goodwill on the same day.
The skirt is hand made. The shirt is (I just took it off and put it back on again so I could see) Old Navy.
 optional cardigan...
 Another fall bag...
This bag isn't typically something I'd choose...a little too much going on.  BUT I really really REALLY liked the big bag here behind it, scored at TJ Maxx two falls back.  The big huge olive green back from TJ Maxx was 30 dollars, but I went home happy. The following summer I found this smaller bag at a goodwill for 2.99, and decided they should be a matching set, since the colors worked together so perfectly.  right?!
These shoes were listed on a local yard sale fb page last week. They are cuter in real life. This pic is fake life.
The earrings were leftover from another yard sale, and then donated to our yard sale (We raise funds for our daughter's medical expenses.), but they didn't sell.  So I guess I have to keep them.  
Isn't this a fun fall outfit?!  yes it is.

Outfit Total without shoes/accessories: 4.98
Shirt, Old Navy--2.99--Goodwill
Owl skirt, hand-sewn--1.99--Goodwill

Vintage cardigan--3.99--thrift store
Pantyhose--no idea
Shoes--5.00--yard sale site
Smaller olive bag--2.99--goodwill

 "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."-Theodore Roosevelt 


SLP said...

I love it all! Tucked, untucked, the green back, all of it!

On the note of mixing, here's something you might find interesting - and are two fashion/style bloggers who undertook a challenge called "30x30" where they wore the same 30 pieces for 30 days, which forced them to mix and match in new ways. It really taught me more about how to mix pieces and get more life from my wardrobe! You like pattern mixing, too, so you might find it neat.

linnet joy said...

thanks so much for the blog suggestions Shannon! I'm hoping to find a few moments this weekend to stuff myself with leftover thanksgiving spinach lasagna (we're a little different) and check them out! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks so much for reading! <3

Felix Frick said...

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