Saturday, November 15, 2014

Keen for Green and Butterfly Weengs

I'm pretty excited about this post, since these outfit colors are some of my favorites recently.

This green shirt (The Limited) was found for 1.99 at Goodwill this summer.  The skirt was I think 3.99 at a Goodwill two years back. Sometimes I wear an orange pull-over sweater, over top of a button up, collared shirt with this skirt.  But this green is so pretty and the shirt feminine. 

Earlier this month, this similar-colored cardigan was on Ebay.  I did not win.  I lost.  I was a loser. boo. But THEN I received an email saying I became eligible for a second chance offer!  yay. Now I am a winner!  (thank goodness)  It came in the mail Friday and it is EVERYTHING a green cardigan should be.  Here's the listing...
"I win!"
These earrings are so great!  
Almost two years ago, our family was given an amazing gift.  The Marcel at Gramercy  gifted us a one night stay, with a view of the Empire State Building in NYC.

That night, Valentine's day night, husband Dion stayed back with the girls, enjoying the hotel and the little cupcakes brought to their room, so that I could walk to Irving Plaza for a Fiction Family/Lone Bellow concert.

The following day our family took a taxi to the American Museum of Natural History, tickets also gifted.  One of the exhibits there is the Butterfly Conservatory.  

There was also this incredible IMAX movie showing. It was every bit as inspirational as it was educational.  Highly recommend. Here's the trailer:
The movie is about Fred Urquhart's life work, mapping the flight path of the monarch butterfly.  He calls on others to help him tag the monarchs every year, trying to uncover the mystery of how and where the monarchs migrate.

Watching the story of the Urquhart family's passion and lifetime investment into this specific study, and then seeing the pay-off in the end was miraculous, and the imagery stunning.

As we exited through the gift shop, there these were, this one pair locked in a case all to themselves, a display light shining down on them.  Like art in a museum.  They are butterfly wings!

No worries, butterflies were not harmed.  The company that makes these, Silver Trade Designs, practices fair trade.  This is what they say about the butterfly wings.
"Most are collected from the warm tropical region of Peru in the Amazon basin, where they are bred in large netted enclosures.  The collection of the wings are a byproduct of the breeding, which also attracts local tourism to the area and ensures bio-diversity and research of the butterfly species.  The butterflies are not killed for their wings, their lifespan is usually short and they are collected when their life comes to an end, making it sustainable.  It is also enables the generation of income in rural Amazonian communities, which since the decline in the logging industry have suffered depression and poverty."
Look at that detail!  They are just amazing.

Orders can be placed here at Silver Tree Designs, (200 dollar minimum).  They also list their retailers, some who sell online. They are available in sterling or silver plated, as well as many wing varieties and earring shapes.

What I love about these besides that they are fair trade, is that each is its own unique bit of the Creator's art.

These were the only ones calling to me that day, as they remind me of a sunset over the mountains by a shimmering blue lake, and I like all of those things. 

Turns out, they had been placed in the display case backwards. This side was the back of the earrings, with the front looking completely different. But they're easy to flip around.  Sometimes I wear them this way and then with other outfits the other way.  At 50 dollars, they are the most expensive earrings I own.
Outfit Total without shoes/accessories-- 5.98  
Shirt, The Limited-- 1.99 --Goodwill
Skirt--3.99-- Goodwill

Earrings, Silver Tree Designs, 50 dollars
Shoes-- 4.99--Goodwill

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."   Theodore Roosevelt

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