Friday, November 14, 2014

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Which One Is Less Dirty Of All

First I tried this mirror. It had little smudges all over.
 Then I tried this mirror. It was dusty.
 Then I asked Sara to be my photographer again.
Outside was not spotty or dusty.
I see now my scarf is crooked. I see now that one of my socks is up and one is down.  Really leggings or tights would work better with this get-up.
This vintage navy leather bag opens and closes at the top kinda like a briefcase. It smelled like smoke, so they let me buy it half off. 

After washing it well, letting it dry, spraying odor removing stuff, then sitting it out in the sun and rain (oops) for weeks days, it was fine. The inside is worn-looking from the extended sun bath, but I treasure it.

I do spend money on cardigans.  They're versatile and easy to mix/match with thrifty finds, so paying a little more for a good fit is worth it.  I also pick them up at thrift stores when they're in my size. Matter of fact, today my aunt and I found a navy one at Goodwill. She actually found it.....because she is awesome.
These Borne boots are so great.  They are one of the most expensive things I own. They were "won" on ebay for 80 dollars including shipping.  I love love love their shoes, but their boots usually fall somewhere in the 200 dollar range. They're leather and comfortable and unique. Even so, that was a strrrrrreeeeeeetch for me.  

"I win!"

I see now I should wipe them off, as well as every mirror in our house.

Besides, you know that if I didn't try for them, I'd spend the rest of my life looking for them in every thrift store, ebay auction, yard sale, outlet, and department store, while wishing I would have tried to win.

So really, factoring in that kind of time loss, all the emotional letdowns, as well as the money spent to keep buying the cheaper quality "almosts but not quites", let us consider it a smart move. And who doesn't like to "win"?! nobody.  even losers like to win.
Outfit Total without shoes/accessories-- around 20 dollars
Dress-- 4.99-- goodwill
Cardigan-- 15 dollars-- Hammer's (discount store)

Sunglasses-- 1.88-- Hammer's
Necklace, handmade-- free-- yard sale leftovers that didn't sell
Scarf-- gift-- handmade from friend
Belt-- 1 dollar-- goodwill
Mega big brown hoop earrings-- 3.99-- Cato
Lopsided socks--probably in a pack for a few dollars from Walmart
Stinky but awesome vintage bag-- 2.99-- goodwill
Boots, Borne-- 80 dollars (including shipping..."including shipping" makes me feel better about it)-- ebay

This font makes all the ones look like sevens, and that may just drive me somewhat batty, since husband Dion says clarification is one of my strongest core needs. Those are ones!

      "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." -Theodore Roosevelt

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