Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On the Thirteenth of November I Bought a Thirteen Dollar Jacket

Last week husband Dion's Aunt Marilyn came for a visit.  I love her.  She's the kind of in-law who comes to your home to enjoy the visit.  She does not come to  judge my mothering flaws, house-keeping abilities, or wife-ing.

She actually does the opposite. She encourages.  Like crazy.  And she's pretty good at it.  Sometimes she makes me blush.  When she en"courage"s, there is something about it, probably her authenticity, that actually gives me courage. That is a gift.

Aunt Marilyn mentioned a trip to a thrift store. Off we went to Goodwill and the Hammers discount clothes store beside it (new clothes...think true, not overpriced, but check it over before you buy because there are no returns outlet).

This jacket was at the discount store for 13 dollars.
The sweater underneath is a hand-me-down from Aunt Marilyn. Aw man, it's too big.  I will probably sell it.  The sweater from this post will work better.
As mentioned in my first post, "Where to Start", I've been taking these photos on my way out the door. I may put on a scarf that may not look just right, or throw on a pair of shoes that could've "went" better. Honestly, I don't put too much time into it most days, as I'm usually running late.

These leather boots, mentioned here. were ebay. They were a reward to myself for going back to work full time.

The bag was found at Goodwill a few weeks ago.  It was
It had a matching bag, and I was pretty proud of myself for choosing one and not both.  Then nobody had to go and buy it, so there it was on our shopping day.  It looked sad, so for 2.99 it was reunited with its mother bag.  It has a few small spots on the front flap (probably from the crying), but it'll come out.

So both happy bags, with tags on, were 6.98.  The handles are a dark brown.
This is another favorite fall bag.  It's vintage and was also 2.99 at a goodwill.

 And here is another.
At the discount store Aunt Marilyn found boot socks and kindly offered to buy me a pair!  This is the pair she bought for me.  I've decided they also make great arm warmers.  
By now you can probably tell that my fashion sense has more to do with fun.   I don't take it too seriously.

Outfit total without shoes/accessories: 21 dollars
Jacket--13 dollars-- Hammers (discount store)
Sweater--free-- hand-me-down
Jeans--7.99-- Vanity Fair Outlet

Scarf-- 99 cents-- Goodwill
Large Bag--3.99 new-- Goodwill
Boot socks--8.99-- Hammers (discount store)
Boots, Borne-- 80 with shipping (I have to say "with shipping" as it feels like a better value that way.)

I featured this outfit in the sidebar ad for my other storybook-cottage blog (here).  I like it.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."-Theodore Roosevelt

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