Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Shmokin Date Night Dress

Most posts up to this point have featured the fun stuff in my wardrobe, and truthfully the fun stuff makes up about 90 percent of my closet, but every once in awhile a girl wants to look shmokin.....especially if that girl has a date with her hot husband. And since I'm lucky enough to have a hot husband Dion, 10 percent of my wardrobe is bought with him in mind.
I tried this dress on the other day, when taking photos for I guess Owl Pattern Mix.

There's an endless supply of overly frumpy, early 90's dresses on pretty much every thrift store dress rack.  They'll probably be there until 2036.  But with thrifty dedication, we can weed through those floral/denim dinosaurs frocks,  and score a few sweet finds there too.
This dress was 5.99 from Goodwill.

I do have a confession of sorts to make with this particular dress. 

It looked like a few drinks had been spilled dumped on it all over it. It was a little gross, but liking the color and fabric so much, I took a chance. It's been cleaned several times, and it's all good, but I understand that THAT is kinda sorta weird, and that it would be a "no way Jose" even for many of us thrifters.  Yup. This one was outside the box even for me.  But I'd also say it paid off.

The dress had four chains attached.  I unattached them.
It has fringe...not really my thing, but I can't remove the fringe.
Husband Dion doesn't mind the fringe.  
It was a great dress for our 14th anniversary dinner.  We got a babysitter and celebrated with Italian carbs. Lots and lots of delicious Italian carbs. 

Worth it!

If you're needing a new dress for a holiday get-together or formal this season, and you'd rather spend a little extra money on a self-heating, penguin blanket for your great aunt's bull dog, then I highly recommend taking a little extra time to stop by a thrift store en route to Macy's.  

Happy Thanksgiving Day friends!
Outfit Total without shoes/accessories-- 5.99

Bangle bracelets--gift from Dion (JCPenny around 15 dollars?)
Bare feet on this one!  so free--at birth.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."-Theodore Roosevelt

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