Monday, December 22, 2014

All I want for Christmas is a LITTLE BLACK DRESS

I've been trying to post something pretty much since the last post! Christmas came and all the imagination and excuses for making things came with it. I've gotten lost in it somewhere.

I've also been working through some self image issues  a clothes funk lately (okay, and some self image issues too)
BUT...we are long passed due...and yo yo it's Christmas so...

I'm a sucker for a little black dress.  also polka-dots.  But this post is about little black dresses.

I have lots of little black dresses.  But here are the ones worn most recently.

Little Black Dress No 1
This was last week.  I started with this hand-me-down black dress, knowing I would wear something over it, as I'm not fond of the zipper.  Sara's Christmas play was this night.
 I went to my hair earlier appointment wearing this raspberry glittered, crop sweater over top.  I put it on quickly, so the seam isn't lined up right on my arm here yet.
  Then I was like, nah.  This isn't working.  So I went with this light pink cardigan.
 so that's what I wore to her school play.
with pink rhinestone earrings and a few sparkly bangels, this maroonish scarf and this coat...
Outfit total worn with either sweater without shoes/accessories: 3.99
Little black dress, No Boundaries (is that Walmart?)-- free hand me down
Raspberry glittery crop sweater, pinc premium-- 3.99-- Goodwill
Pink cardigan, apostrophe-- 3.99-- Goodwill

Pink and white rhinestone earrings-- free hand-me-downs from my best friend (the best kind)
Floral maroon scarf, London Fog Cashmink --gift; it was like 3-5 dollars on a REALLY good sale
Leggings-- 8 dollars-- Walmart
Boots, Jellypop-- around 25 dollars-- Boscov's
Winter coat, Coffee shop-- 40 dollars-- Hammers Discount Store, coat pinned here 
Bangels-- gift, but I think around 13-14 dollars at JCPennys

Little Black Dress No 2
Two weeks ago, husband Dion said "Let's go shopping!"  This happens about maybe once a year or two.  Okay I said!  This is what I wore for our TJ Maxx shopping date with the fam.
I can hear my grandma saying, "Aren't you cold????!!!"  That's what she would always say.
okay.  I guess it's cold.
The cardigan had a gray fur collar pinned into it.  It had fancy links, but I removed those too.
This thick, polyester dress is lined so nicely.  It's hard to believe it was 21 dollars.  It may have been less I'm thinking, but typically dresses at Hammers are 21, so I'm going with it. It's been a few years.

Outfit Total without shoes/accessories: 23.99
Little black dress, Sans Souci-- 21 dollars-- Hammer's Discount Store
Vintage cardigan, Featherknits--  2.99-- thrift store

Red necklace, vintage-- 1.99- Goodwill
Red belt-- .99-- Goodwill
Pantyhose-- no idea
Black heels, name worn off -- 10 dollars clearance-- TJ MAXX
Sparkly hoop rhinestone earrings-- gift

Little Black Dress No 3 
was worn to Sara's Christmas Band Concert, not to be confused with the above mentioned Christmas play. 

She wanted to pick out my outfit.  

It took her an entire evening to choose.  She didn't want me to wear anything too "you know."  (no.  I don't know.)

She wanted me to dress with class she said.  I'm not sure if she knows quite what that means. This is what she chose...
kinnnnnda reminds me of this...which she has not seen.

A Christmas Story Full Size 45" Leg Lamp
to be fair, there was more to it than the tulle and shoes...
This dress is actually denim on top, but I bought it for the black tulle skirt.
The jacket was half off, because the lining was torn.  I removed the lining, so the tag isn't there anymore (so I don't know what name).
with this vintage purse
and this vintage necklace
It was fun clunking up and down the middle-school gym bleachers in these.  I'm 68% sure it made a good impression.
 these earrings.
The earrings were bought at the only jewelry "party" I've attended...our dear friend put it together, the hostess donating 10% of the profit to Siri's adoption.  well worth it.
Getting her drummer self ready.

Then because it is winter, we added black tights with our dresses and a red Christmas scarf.  Here we are after the concert.
I'm not sure how well it all worked together, but I think we pulled it off.  She is my favorite little drummer girl.

And she didn't say I made a bad impression so score one for the tween mom.

Outfit total without shoes and accessories: 7.98
little black dress, mustard seed-- 5.99-- Goodwill
black jacket, --1.99 (half off because the lining was ripped. I removed it, so don't know the name)-- Goodwill

red necklace, vintage-- 1.99-- Goodwill
red heels, Carlos-- 4.99-- Goodwill (they were new)
red scarf-- 5.00-- local discount store
earrings-- 28.00-- Premier Designs
red vintage purse-- 2.99-- Goodwill

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
much love, Linnet

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."--Theodore Roosevelt


Christi Portzline said...

I think you definitely pulled it off! I'm loving the red shoes and accessories...and imagining how you clunked up and down on the bleachers!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I imagined the clunking too...I love dress #2 the most. Annndd I really love the red vintage purse. Tell Sara she has good taste. I loved the tutu material on the bottom of the dress she picked out...festive and fun. :)

linnet joy said...

Thank you Christi! I'm sure you can imagine.

linnet joy said...

yes! Geanine, dress no 2 is also my favorite. I'll tell her.