Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Black and Blue --Birthday Dinner/ Ladies Christmas Party

Yesterday's outfit.
While snapping a few pics, husband Dion and Sara were running around behind me, jumping on the bed and being rowdy stuff like that.

We were going out for Siri's 8th birthday celebration. After dinner, I went to our annual, ladies from work Christmas party to play bingo and eat Christmas M&Ms (the bingo pieces).

There, a 5 year old cutie said that she loved my "dress".

Thank you I said.

It was one dollar I said.

One dollar!? she said, obviously impressed with my good fortune.

That is NOT a lot of money, she said.

I know! I said.

Then she crawled up on my lap and asked me to paint her nails.

She didn't mind my frumpy goodwill , too much in a hurry to iron,  distressed look.
distressed look
I'd like the skirt a little longer, but LOVE this fun shade of blue and also the wide, black elastic band. I'd also rather wear this outfit without the cardigan, but since it was cold out...
Isn't this a neat necklace?

Outfit Total Without Shoes/Accessories: 7.87
Lace cami, no label-- 3.88 -- Hammer's (discount store)
Vintage cardigan, Featherknits-- 2.99 -- thrift store
Skirt, label in Chinese -- 1.00 -- yard sale

Necklace-- 7.99 -- ebay
Leg Warmers-- 7.98 -- Walmart but I don't recommend them (warm but they crinkle at knees)
Boots, Jellypop-- around 25 dollars -- Boscov's

And here is Sara about to pounce on her father...
I would be afraid.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." --Theodore Roosevelt


Anonymous said...

I really think this is a great color! I love Sar's pouncing face..

linnet joy said...

me too Geanine! They're so funny.

Katy Matarese said...

I love this outfit and I love the pics of sara is the background.

linnet joy said...

Thanks Katy! Did you notice her matching shirt? She went to get "ready" and came back wearing this. I didn't say anything to her about it, but took it as a compliment. ;)

curtis03 Lewis said...

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