Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Amazing Generic Sports Shirt

Today was a big sports day I guess.

This team playing that team and that team playing this team.  
It's all over facebook.

So it's the perfect day to show you my new sports shirt.
Sitting on the couch, not eating potato chips.

It's not a specific sports team.  It has only a number. 24.

This is why I loved it when I found it last week at my brother Jason and Krystal-in-Law's Salvation Army.

I'm not home for awhile (Siri's medical treatment trip up north), so I've been messing with different "selfie" options. 

So far none of them are that great, but let's see what we can do...
The shirt is too big for me, especially the shoulders and neck, but that's okay.  I can sleep in it too.  It's big and comfortable. It's a generic sports shirt.  There are no rules.

When I was into football, back some 20 some years ago, my team was the Eagles.  I secretly liked that even though this is a GENERIC sports shirt, it's a vintage green color close to that which Randall Cunningham wore scrambling and Vai Sikahema adorned while returning kick-offs.

I say "secretly", because this is a generic sports shirt and cannot be affiliated with any team or player. Okay, so there are some rules then I guess.
"go to" funny face

This is why it is brilliant.

It's like Switzerland.

I can wear this shirt to any sporting event and cheer for any team I wish or all teams together.

Basketball, baseball, hockey,  golf.  It has me covered.  

How much would you pay for an shirt of amazingness such as this? So much right?

But this shirt was the low and reasonable Salvation Army price of 99 cents.

Outfit total without shoes and accessories: 99 cents
Generic Green Sports Shirt- 99 cents - Salvation Army
Bobbie Brooks Jeans- free -hand-me-downs

my snow boots, Storm- 35 dollars I think- TJ Maxx (years ago)
the lighting here is super poor

They make me feel like this when I wear them.
This outfit costs 750 dollars!

Husband Dion doesn't see a Stormtrooper.
He says I look like a fly girl.
say whaaaaa?
Are fly girls like Switzerland?

I think not.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt

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