Monday, March 2, 2015

New not Old, Black and White not Navy, Old Navy Dress

Do you remember the green ebay sweater from November's post, Keen for Green and Butterfly Wings?
Here it is!

This Old Navy dress is sleeveless.  It was 9.99 on sale last spring.

I don't know that I felt particularly pretty wearing this, and looking at the pics, I think it's just okay. I wore it for an everyday, pick-the-girls-up-from-school kind of outft, and I do like the pop of green.

I think this is one of those dresses I bought for the idea of it more than how flattering it actually is on my body type.  One of those rookie thrifty clothes shopping mistakes.  not bad, also not fantastic.

The necklace is from Hammer's, a local discount store.
Outfit Total without shoes and accessories: 23.00
Dress, Old Navy Outlet--  9.99
Green Cardigan, Ann Taylor Loft-- 13.00 with shipping, Ebay

Leggings, Fruit of the Loom--7 - 8 dollars, Walmart
Black heels-- 9.99 clearance-- TJ Maxx
Cheap necklace-- 1.99-- Hammers

Husband Dion bonus!

Here's a picture of husband Dion sporting his around-5 dollar Sal Val (as in salvation army) jacket. He found it this winter.  He's not mad.  He's being a manly model.
"I'm a model and you know what I mean..."

Sara bonus!

Here she is last fall in her 4 dollar and 98 cent walmart dress. I think her cardigan is from goodwill, which means it was around 2.99.  Her shoes were a gift from her friend. Outfit Total: 8 dollars
Here she is wearing it with a vintage apron before going out to sell apple pies and brownies (raising the money she needed to join band).
Here I am in my matching vintage apron, polka-dotted goodwill skirt, and my fedora from amazon. This hat was great last summer!  This hat comes in a variety of band colors here, 12.99.

If you'd like to read about our fundraising efforts, you can find Can She Sell an Apple Pie Billy Boy...On the Road to Fun-draising...Part 1, and On the Road Again to Fun-draising...Part 2, on our sister blog,
storybook-cottage.  See you there! : )

"Do what you can, with what you have. where you are."  Theodore Roosevelt

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