Wednesday, March 4, 2015

the birds of spring who SING SING SING...on my dress

I have been waiting for a warm spring day to wear this dress.
I imagined wearing it while eating an ice cream cone and being all like, "Isn't it so nice out today???!!!"

Would that day come?  I was starting to doubt a southern spring.
What if the Snow Queen froze our land and was smart enough to do it during the real winter so that we wouldn't figure it out?

But today it came.  

Sure snow is in the forecast for tonight (so far only rain).
But today was of those warm days that teases you, and yet gives hope to all cold-landed people once more. 

So I wore the dress.  With leggings and socks...but I wore the dress.

I'm still wearing the dress.

But I will have to look at the tag soon.  
I first saw the dress on pinterest, and then found them on ebay and amazon.

There are different styles. There are also similar dresses made with a black background fabric.
Aren't these vintage earrings fun?  They are metal and speckled blue.
Last summer we had multiple yard sales to raise money for Siri's medical trips up north.  These and a few other vintage earrings didn't sell. I priced them at 50 cents.

But none of those ladies and none of those men bought them.

So I kept them.
polka-dotted fabric shoes with a bow

Outfit Total without shoes and accessories: 11.42
Dress, sunugexing-- 8.43 plus 2.99 s&h-- ebay, new

Leggings, Fruit of the Loom-- 7-8 dollars --Walmart
Earrings, vintage-- free-- yardsale leftovers
Polka-dot shoes, BAMBOO-- 2.99-- Goodwill
Red scarf-- 5 dollars-- local discount store

So all the accessories, shoes, and the dress came out somewhere around 27 dollars.  not bad, right?

I wore it to a lunch with husband Dion and a few other couples.

The scarf wasn't needed until later in the evening...when we went on a date...

for some ICE CREAM.

We made sure to say many times throughout the day and night, "Isn't it nice out today?!  It is so nice out today!"

Here's another bird dress I really really like on amazon...
Speaking of birds, if you'd like to read a story and watch a video about the crazy cardinal that likes to crash into our bedroom window, check him out
here at storybook-cottage , our sister blog.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." --Theodore Roosevelt

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