Thursday, May 28, 2015 look so "ca-uuuuuuute"

Last post was a flowered dress.  This post is a flower dress.  And next post will probably be a flower dress.  I'm into it.

I found this dress at Hammers, a discount store in our area.  This is a good example of finding a dress for not a lot of money, but then trying every one of them on to get the best fit.  Since I was shopping alone, I had the chance to do that with this dress. Typically who has time for it, but with it being a discounted clothes store (strict refund policy), it can be a smart idea when you do.
I tried on maybe 6-7 dresses, all junior L, and many of them were bunching at the straps on one side or the other.  This one fit much better, so this effort paid off.

Then today at TJ Maxx, I found a light, summer cardigan in black. So happy, I thought, 'Boy, I sure do wish I could have one in navy too.'  (that's how I think to myself..."boy, I sure do wish...")

Imagine how giddy I became to find it in navy.  Same EXACT pattern...different brand...for 3 dollars less.  They'll be great year round and also for quickly putting on over a dress when walking into work.  There's a dress code not allowing shoulder exposure when walking into work, because I work for the amish.

(not true)

(well, the amish part)
kinda reminds me of my grandmother's draperies?  Hey, like the sound of music!  I have a drapery dress!

Outfit Total Without Shoes and Accessories: 24.99
Dress -- 9.99 --Hammers, discount store
Shapewear lace shorts --15 dollars --Walmart


Fedora-- 9.99 - now 11.99-12.99 here on amazon  (this hat has held's been squished, thrown, sat on, traveled across the country with, blown off my head and across parking lots, and taken by small joke I have gotten a zillion and maybe nine compliments on it...there are other band colors too)
Yellow Box Flip Flops-- 5.00 --yard sale

Cardigans found at TJ Maxx today were 16 for the black and 13 for the navy.

I wore the dress (not the cardigan) to run errands and to go to the doctors today (and to buy the cardigan).

Something I've learned is that if you wear a summer dress AND a fedora, or even if you wear the fedora only, all who pass, have the undisputed right to say how cute you look, using the very specific word "cute."

It's not my favorite word, but they believe they are being kind.

I reply "thank you", then reassure myself to myself that I am indeed a fierce woman on the inside.
yo yo. wat up. (says my fierce self)

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." --Theodore Roosevelt

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