Monday, August 10, 2015

A Green Wrinkly Ruffly Dress

The girls and I were up north for the summer...which means trying to thoughtfully pack clothes and also shopping the thrift stores further from home, which oddly enough is something we look forward to...

We found some really fun stuff this trip. This dress is one of those finds.  Polyester clothes are great for packing and wearing on long driving days, since they're pretty much wrinkle-free, and I have a few of those summer dresses that work well... but this green dress is made of cotton wrinkles, I mean, ruffles.

I wore it on one of the longer drive days back.  Why bother ironing it, I thought.  It's just a casual fun driving dress...and it was stuffed uncaringly packed tightly in a suitcase...and I'm traveling, so it's just going to get more wrinkly anyway.

And so here it is in all of its wrinkles.  I doubt this dress will ever get ironed.  Maybe once.
These shoes were found at a Goodwill.  They're comfortable and black, so I'll get a lot of wear out of them.   I don't know if they go great with this dress, but I put them on today anyway...but when I'm traveling, it's only flip flops for me.
Sara picked out this necklace when Claire's had a $5 sale (I survived the mall !)...She has a matching daughter necklace.
Outfit Total Without Shoes and Accessories: 1.98 
Green Wrinkly Ruffly Dress, Antilia Femme--  1.98 --half off day at Sal Val

Mom/Daughter Matching Key Charm Neclaces-- 5.00 --Claire's
SODA Wedges--  6.99 --Goodwill

      "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." --Theodore Roosevelt

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