Thursday, October 8, 2015

Making Faded Jeans New Again...a Denim Makeover

Sara is an 11 year old that likes comfort.
Most jeans do not fall into that category for her.

Consequently, countless back-to-school shopping hours have been spent trying all types and sizes on, until she gives the "these will do" on a pair of jeans.  We buy multiples of THAT pair...that she then rarely or ever wears...forgetting about them until they're too we can do it again.

This year we tried something different.  For about 15 speed-shopping minutes, in a goodwill dressing room, she tried every pair of jeans that had the possibly of being her size.  A good 20 to 30 pair were narrowed down to 2. Both purchased.

She liked these Osh Kosh Begosh Jeans for 2.99.  
You can see how faded they were at the knees. Well, they were faded at the knees of the previous owner.  On Sara, those spots appeared half-way between her knees and ankles.
But no worries, because there was always a plan...

Enter RIT dye.
Rit: Denim Blue 36 Dye, 8 Fl Oz

I went with the liquid kind (Walmart, laundry detergent aisle and in many grocery stores).

Following the instructions, I heated water in a large stainless steel pot, then added one bottle of Rit. I intended to add salt, as I have before, but forgot, and it was fine.
Instead of constantly stirring for 30 minutes, I used stainless steel tongs to ensure all of the fabric is below the liquid.  I may have come back to it every 15 minutes, making sure when finished stirring it, that again the fabric stayed just below liquid level.  These jeans were in the dye around 45 minutes.

Then the messy part.

We have a stainless steel sink, so that makes it easier to rinse out the dye without also dying the sink blue.  I did manage to turn our little, pink pig stopper he is a little, blue pig stopper.  I rinsed until the water ran fairly clear.  It takes a little while.  

I finished by placing an old towel flat, on the bottom of the washer, then the dyed jeans on top of the towel.  I do this just to be extra careful not to dye the inside parts of the washer,  Then washed them through twice.

Here is Sara striking a pose in the final result.
The thread doesn't dye, so they really do look like new.

Link to Rit's website...Fun ideas and helpful videos here.

    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." --Theodore Roosevelt

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